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         Sylvan has long been one of the most preeminent deliverers of after-school tutoring programs in the country, but now it has set itself up to become the most ubiquitous.
         Finding appropriate tutoring material for struggling youngsters has been an age-old problem.  Even worse now, with two-career parents and their severe shortage in time,
eSylvan steps in with their "anywhere, anytime" tutoring service.  A clear winner.
         When parents sign up their children with
eSylvan, they are provided with a headset (earphones and microphone) and a digital writing pad and digital pencil (which can double as a mouse).  Setup is simple and most computers, as well as most dial-up Internet connections, can handle the load--an elegant use of available technology, as well as an answer for a pressing need.
         While language arts and math are stressed, other subjects are available as well.  The student logs on, and a 'real' teacher--credentialed and certified--answers, and the tutoring is conducted in real time.  The teacher and student converse and study in real time, the teacher has the opportunity to analyze the student's handwriting (via the digital writing pad), and reinforcement is provided immediately.  All done in the comfort of home.
         There is much more--
eSylvan is CITA Accredited and carefully monitored for quality and assessment. But most importantly, eSylvan provides children with the help they need at a time when it is convenient for you, and it uses the technology you already have.
ComputED Gazette considers this a landmark product, and has awarded it Best of the Best in the 2002-03 BESSIE Awards.

[IntelliTools (800) 899-6687]

         This program is really a 'nuts and bolts' approach to early reading skills.  An inclusive program--students with physical or cognitive disabilities can use any number of input devices and the software will adapt--it incorporates guided reading, supported writing, and word study/phonics activities.  A year-long program,
Balanced Literacy supports and supplements the classroom language arts program.  Animal themes, through nine units, help build interest.  The program includes nine soft-cover books to help supplement the learning activities.  Extensive teacher activities are included.  A clear winner.

[DynEd International (650) 375-7011]

         Advanced Listening Professional is an advanced 'English as a Second Language' program that takes on a new approach.  This 'Strategy-Based' approach is designed for post-secondary students to specifically help with the understanding of lectures and class programs.  With the help of ESL Instructors, this program builds a better understanding of structure and details as well as the main idea and note-taking.
         We were especially pleased with the video examples and review. This program takes ESL several steps forward.

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